Most boards and senior executives do not have the needed visibility into their cybersecurity program leaving them legally exposed and uniformed in the cyber decision-making process.

From skilled resources to limited cashflow, business leaders find themselves struggling to balance the desire for strong cybersecurity with the need to focus resources on their core business.

While large enterprises can allocate the resources towards developing robust cyber programs, smaller organizations are the ones left with many of the same cyber needs, but are left neglected due to the high costs and limited skills available to them.  Additionally, traditional approaches  do not address the legal risk associated with the tort of negligence in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Leverage intelligent technology to provide data-driven insights to manage cyber performance for your organization.  Enterprise security designed to address the challenges facing SMB.



Budget Constraints

Using the latest technology, we are able to disrupt the traditional labor-based approaches to risk assessments while delivering intelligent data-driven insights to business leaders. Our focus is on providing insights into the weaknesses and strengths of your organizations cyber posture over time in order to maximize your cyber investment decisions.

Cybersecurity Skill Shortages

Most small and medium business owners are not cybersecurity experts. While most in the cybersecurity field believe that security and privacy need to be integrated into all aspects of a businesses IT infrastructure, most business leaders are focused on being experts of their core business capabilities. The Minerva Cyber Risk Platform provides the formal program structure, workflow automation, and visibility to address policy and regulatory requirements (HIPPA, PCI, CMMC, Etc.) allowing business leaders to have confidence in their cyber program while remaining focused on the core business.

Risk Identification

By focusing on the identification and effective communication of negligence in cyber programs, the Minerva Cyber Risk Platform is empowering business leaders in the decision making process. Risk data visualization provides business leaders what they need to make effective decisions and invest resources most efficiently.

Data-Driven Insights

The ability to provide real-time data to inform business decisions in a form that business leaders can understand will differentiate you as a cyber leader. Remove the complexity of the cyber program and provide your stakeholders easy to understand data using visualization and world-recognized data.

With Integrated Culture

Developing a security culture is not something that just happens. It is something that requires strong leadership but also requires the ability to drive clear lines of responsibility throughout the organization. The ability to line areas of responsibility with control ownership has challenged security programs for years, but those times are history. Establish your responsibility hierarchy and help drive a security culture with technology.

Provide Business Context

The ability to provide business context and show fiscal alignment with cyber risk is no longer out of reach. The Minerva platform provides business-related benchmarking in order to provide executive-level reports with business context. Draw from the community of cyber leaders and set yourself apart by being able to discuss the business context of your security program. Ensure that your business is maximizing its core business.

While Identifying Legal Risk

The ability to drive cybersecurity decisions based on data, and not emotion, allows leaders to gain credibility across the organization. The ability to communicate the financial decisions associated with your cybersecurity program by targeting organizational and personal exposure improves program support while improving team confidence. The Minerva platform is the only platform in the world that provides a data-driven intelligence-based approach to cybersecurity roadmap development.

Because there will be winners and losers in business and those that have knowledge will gain a competitive advantage!

Minerva is the only cybersecurity platform designed specifically to address the business challenges facing SMB.

Our network of industry experts and partners are focused on leveraging our experience and capabilities to enable your success.

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