Cybersecurity in business terms.

Communicate your overall IT Risk with non-technical leaders in real-time.


Drive measurable participation and accountability into your cyber program.


Use a data-driven approach to manage IT Risk and improve business outcomes.

Optimize Resources

The administrative burden of managing via spreadsheets and presentations has a negative impact on your team culture.  Focus your resources on value-added work for your organization and improve your program performance.

  • Optimize Resources
  • Frustrated team member

    Enable Business

    In today’s dynamic business environment your ability to remain agile, provide decision support and prioritize work is a competitive advantage that maximizes your team’s performance.  Gaining visibility into your cybersecurity program is not an annual event and must be effectively aligned with your business goals.

  • Enable Business
  • Understand Risk

    The ability to understand your cyber risk and the impact of business decisions on your risk profile can have a significant financial and strategic impact.  Provide your business with data-driven risk insight in a timely and easy-to-understand format.

  • Understand Risk

      “Risk, value, and cost optimization guide priorities and investments to the right balance between the need to protect and the need to run the business. Risk optimization demonstrates the organization has the right priorities and the right investments to create a balance between the need to address risk with the need to achieve its desired business outcomes...”

      Gartner, Paul Proctor, 12 February 2020

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        Establish a Framework

        Most organizations have never established a meaningful control framework or have developed custom frameworks over years of consulting engagements. Migrate to an industry standard control frameworks and leverage the power of community. Do not go it alone.

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        Tailor the Implementation

        Most organizations are unique in structure and culture. This can make the implementation of cyber programs complicated and cumbersome. Our approach maximizes participation and value. Use assignment and workflow to help you drive results.

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        Provide Expert Support

        The Minerva solution was designed to empower your organization to establish full visibility and roadmapping. We understand that many organizations need assistance, so we provide an onboarding process with subject matter experts to facilitate the experience.

      Pricing plans and options

      We understand that all organizations are unique, however we have found that most want simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Our mission is to provide enterprise IT Risk Management capabilities at affordable prices for everyone.

      Give us an opportunity to explain why you cannot afford to be without the Minerva Cyber Advisory Platform. Use our Return On Investment(ROI) calculator to estimate your potential savings.

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