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Virtue, Value, Vision
V3 Cybersecurity, Inc. is a unique company focused on contextualization of security programs from a business perspective. Our decades of experience in working with Fortune ranked clients has taught us that the business of security remains a fairly immature discipline. Despite all of the advances in technical controls and number of new security companies, organizations have a significant gap in understanding and managing the business of security.
As we continue to see performance pressures of the economy hit many security service providers, we see these economic conditions driving behavior and business practices that do not align with our VIRTUE based approach to business. We understand that the very best talent in the security space will require a new type of corporate culture. We believe in transparent and flexible working environment with a focus on VALUE based performance for our clients. Remaining true to our principles over time will ensure that we create an environment to deliver on the VISION of our clients.

Planning process

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    Establish a Framework

    Most organizations have never established a meaningful control framework or have developed custom frameworks over years of consulting engagements. Migrate to an industry standard control frameworks and leverage the power of community. Do not go it alone.

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    Tailor the Implementation

    Most organizations are unique in structure and culture. This can make the implementation of cyber programs complicated and cumbersome. Our approach maximizes participation and value. Use assignment and workflow to help you drive results.

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    Provide Expert Support

    The Minerva solution was designed to empower your organization to establish full visibility and roadmapping. We understand that many organizations need assistance, so we provide an onboarding process with subject matter experts to facilitate the experience.

v3 Cybersecurity is designed specifically to address the digital risks facing K-12

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