Be prepared to address the resource challenges, accelerating IT requirements, cultural debt, and a growing threat landscape facing K-12!

All of Gartners' "Top Trends Impacting K-12 Education in 2022" benefit from having a strong IT Risk Management and Cybersecurity program in place.

Liability (Cyber-Negligence)

It is not enough to be compliant. It is possible to be compliant and negligent in our cyber duties as Administrators. Unfortunately, the current state of K-12 is that most organizations are negligent and non-compliant. What is your organizations IT risk exposure?

Budget Constraints

What if you found out that the best thing you could do to improve your cybersecurity posture only costs time? The fact is that for most K-12 organizations this is true. Our goal is the same as your goal…to focus the precious resources given to K-12 on educating the next generation of leaders safely. Let us show you how!

Operational Disruption

It is common knowledge that there is a shortage of cybersecurity skills in the market. What is less known is the difficulty of obtaining and retaining general IT skills in K-12. Having an underlying framework enabled by intelligent technology can help drive business continuity and act as a resource and skill multiplier for your organization.

Are you effectively addressing IT Risk in the rapidly changing K-12 digital environment?

Gain the visibility and context needed to enable data-driven decision making in your cybersecurity program!

Regulatory Management

Understanding regulatory requirements continue to challenge K-12 leaders given the ambiguous verbiage and unfamiliar concepts involved. This has left most schools knowing that there is exposure, but not knowing how to address it effectively. Let Minerva EDU drive regulatory clarity and resource optimization into you Cybersecurity program.

Policy Development

There are multiple products that highlight policy management, when in fact most of the sharing platforms used today have the features needed to manage your policies. Our experience tells us that you should first have policies to manage. Let Minerva EDU provide program structure and the associated Policy Library to establish a formal cybersecurity program.

Risk Management

Risk Management continues to be unclear even among cybersecurity experts. Fortunately, our legally base proprietary approach not only provides an easy-to-understand risk model, but allows us to identify low cost opportunities to drive maturity within your existing cybersecurity program.

Data-Driven Decisions

We do not believe in the shiny object approach to cybersecurity. We believe that data informs leaders and enables effective decision making. Our ability to provide objective and low-cost opportunities to improve cyber programs in K-12 has gained us recognition and support by some of the largest and smallest districts in the country.

Finally, an affordable and simple IT Risk Management and Cybersecurity Performance platform made specifically for K-12!

Most organizations have little understanding of the regulatory requirements and use spreadsheets on individual laptops to address their regulatory mandates. In most cases the district administrators and boards do not understand the risks associated with the modern digital environment. Unfortunately, this leaves most districts carrying unknown risks and not providing the digital safety to the children under their stewardship.

In most cases, compliance seems to be the focus, if there is focus at all. Compliance is not enough to protect you against the liability of cyber-negligence. Let Minerva EDU help establish a responsibly managed digital environment for our K-12 stakeholders.

Minerva EDU was designed to specifically address cyber-negligence in K-12 organizations with the worlds largest cyber-maturity benchmarking database.

Minerva EDU is a SaaS-based IT Cyber and Risk Management platform that is affordable and easy to use. Now you can move beyond using spreadsheets and manual processes that are time consuming and unmanageable. With Minerva EDU, you can effectively and efficiently manage risk and compliance within your organization with a focus on communication and the financial performance management of your cybersecurity program. Enable the power of data-driven decision making for your organization.