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Given the current resource constraints within the security industry, the ability to find qualified executive level resources with the experience and background to lead your organization is more challenging than ever.  In many cases the need for a full-time resource is out of reach financially and in other cases the understanding of what is needed eludes organizations.  We focus solely on ensuring that the right security executive is made available for your organization albeit part-time while you are in transition, full-time if you are in need and are having trouble finding the right skills, or anywhere in between.  

While some organizations make the choice to locate their security executive/s in specific locations, we understand that the best talent and the right resources are the most important part of leading the security program.  We also understand that security executives today are traveling more than ever (e.g. remote offices, regulators, conventions, forums, supplier locations etc.) which makes our VCISO program perfectly suited to meet your organizational needs.



We understand the challenges of finding quality security resources.  While our focus is on specifically helping organizations with executive level leadership and operations, our network of security professionals represent some of the leading organizations in the industry.  Our partner network is growing each day and our commitment to virtue, value, and vision extend to those that work through us.


While we focus on ensuring that leadership is at its best, we acknowledge the ongoing struggle to balance daily operations with organizational strategy and business demands.  We work with partners that satisfy the underlying tenants of our organization and deliver service with Virtue that provide Value and contribute to the Vision of our clients.

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